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British Open Championship


Entries & Fees

  1. All entries must be paid for even if the dancer has been withdrawn due to sickness or injury.
  2. The swapping of dancers/ replacement is not permitted.
  3. No entries will be accepted on the day of the competition- unless with prior agreement with Feis Committee.
  4. Door entry will be as follows: Adults (18+) £4.00 Children (NON-DANCERS 4 -17) £0.50p Children (under 4) Free- All visiting guests will be given a wrist band, these are to be worn at all times during the event – Failure to produce when asked could result in entry either being denied or door entry fee being paid again. Different coloured wristbands will be used for each day.
  5. All entries are payable 4 weeks prior to the Feis. Failure to do so will result in fees being doubled Fees:
  6. All entries are non-refundable.
  7. Any amendments to entries after the closing date, will incur a £5.00 per dancer admin fee.
  8. Closing date for entry to the British Open Championships is 29th April 2016.
  9. All entries should be submitted in number format and not grade format.
  10. All entry payments should be made as a school and not on an individual basis.
  11. Ages are to be taken from the 1st January of that year E.G if the child is 9 on the 1st January then that dancer will dance in the 9&U or 10 on the 1st January then they will dance in the 11&U.
  12. Boys are NOT to be entered into the Slip Jig Competition.
  13. All dancers are to do at least 2 soft dances and 1 heavy (Dependant on age group) to compete in the championship part of the Feis- failure to do so will result in Disqualification. (DSQ)
  14. Championship Dances have been selected as per list enclosed with this pack- no changes will be made to this.
  15. British Open Championships committee reserves the right to combine competitions should there be less than 3 dancers taking part in a specific competition. If there are less than 3 boys in any competition then they will be combined with the girls - Teachers will be made aware of any changes.

Dancers Attire:

  1. Dancers should have their hair tied back and off their face if they are not wearing a wig.
  2. Dancers are not permitted to wear elastics on their soft shoes however; they are permitted to wear them on heavy shoes.
  3. Boys are permitted to wear elastics on soft shoes.
  4. NO patent or coloured shoes are permitted to be worn.
  5.  Dancers are to wear white poodle socks only – Diamanté Poodle socks are permitted – Colour poodle socks are NOT permitted.
  6.  Dancers are not permitted to walk around in just crop tops or bloomers- Dancers should wear suitable clothing when not in costume.
  7. No names are permitted anywhere on the dancer costumes, however initials are permitted.
  8. Dancers are not permitted to wear white laces in soft shoes, all laces should be black.
  9. Make-up: this should be subtle in the younger age groups (5, 6, 7,  9, and 11&U).



  1. Awards: Solo Competitions will be awarded in the following way: ½ the number of dancers will be awarded medals (Except for the solo Reel all dancers will be awarded).
  2.  Awards: Championship Dances & Heavy Reel’s: All dancers will be placed.
  3. All first place awards in Championships & Heavy Reel competitions remain the property of C.A.I.D/ BOC and should be returned the following year and replacement cup provided on safe return of cups.
  4. Sashes for the first place winner only.
  5. Dancers are advised to listen very carefully during results as if the dancer has not collected their award after it has been announced 3 times. They will forfeit their award.

General Feis Rules:

  1. All competitions will use open music either by means of CD, IPod or Musician.
  2. Feis will start 9am sharp on both days. We endeavour to get the event finished in a timely manner, however there maybe situations beyond our control, which means that the feis may go over time.
  3. The use of social network site is a great way to put up dancers achievements. However should comments or message leave CAID or BOC in a negative light, the you will be asked to remove the comments or messages and you will be banned from attending any future events. This is classed as bad sportsmanship.
  4. Under no circumstances should the use of photographic devices be used while dancers are competing- These can only be used during presentation of awards ONLY. Only the authorised photographer will be permitted to take photos during competitions. Failure to comply with this rule will result in a on the spot fine and being asked to leave the venue/ event.
  5. Adjudicators are not to be approached by any visiting guests, teachers or dancers – even if you know the adjudicator. You are only permitted to speak to the adjudicator once the feis have finished.
  6. The adjudicators rule is final and cannot be overturned.
  7.  Should any visiting guest, parent or dancers have any queries, they should speak to their school teacher who in turn will speak to the Feis Team to have the matter dealt with.
  8. All schools should be polite and respectful to each other- Bad sportsmanship’s will not be tolerated or accepted.


  1.  All dancers will dance in front of Three (3) Adjudicators for their Championship dances and Normal solo dances will be one (1) Adjudicator.
  2. No liability or responsibility will be taken should the following occur, Loss of personal property, Injury or accident. (Please advise your parents of this rule!)
  3.  All dancers will be provided with a safe area to dance on, no responsibility or liability will be taken should a dancer injury themselves- Dancers Dance at their own risk!
  4. Dancers should be in full costume for presentation of awards, any dancer not in full costume will forfeit the right to collect their award. Dancers will be permitted to wear coloured shoes for presentation purpose only.
  5. All dancers should be in the hall ready to dance at least 30 minutes prior to the start, should the competition start and the dancer is not present after being called several times. Then they may be moved to the next grade.
  6. Re-Dancing is NOT! Permitted in any grade excluding the Early Years.
  7. Any dancer who walks off stage before, either the end of the dance or before the Adjudicator has released them, will result in DSQ of that round – The dancer will automatically receive a mark of 0 (ZERO). Exception of this rule is the Early years (5&U)
  8. All dancers should be entered into the correct grades, if it is noted that a dancer has been entered into the wrong grade, they can be moved to the correct grade. Dancers who are entered into the wrong grade are only permitted to move up and not move down. (Teachers please ensure you have entered your dancers correctly).
  9. All teachers are responsible for the actions of any dancer, parent or visiting guest associated with their school. Should any inappropriate conduct or actions be reported – The Teacher will be informed to deal with the situation. Should the situation continue or re-occur all parties concerned will be asked to leave the event.
  10. Should any damage to the venue or equipment occur by any schools guests, dancers or parents? B.O.C will recover any costs from parties concerned.



C.A.I.D/ B.O.C Committee reserve the right to change or amend these rules at any time