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Grade Exam

The purpose of the C.A.I.D grade examination scheme is to provide a structured framework within the organisation so candidates can reach an achievable goal.

The grade examinations have been put together to enable candidates to develop their:

  1. Skills
  2. Stamina & Fitness
  3. Knowledge & understanding of Irish Dance
  4. Music & understanding of our culture of Irish Dance

This framework aims to provide a worthwhile sense of achievement for all candidates who successfully pass. The CAID grade examinations is very different from competitions, each candidate is given the opportunity to be assessed on their own merit and not under competition rules and regulations. All candidates are given individually based feedback from the examiners, on successful completion of the grades. Grade exams can be taken by anybody but must meet the age criteria located on the syllabus and rules.

The framework consists of four parts:

  1. Part One: Grades 1- 3
  2. Part Two: Grades 4 – 6
  3. Part Three: Grades 7 – 9
  4. Part Four: Grades 10 – 12

Each grade becomes more technically demanding to the candidate’s skill and ability level, incorporating more complex steps to more intense multiple choice questions.

Each grade must be passed and certificate awarded before progression on to the next grade level. Certificates should be brought to the next grade examination, to be verified before commencement of the grade exam.

On successful completion of all parts of the grade examination framework candidates will have the option to progress on to the T.C.R.G framework.

All costs of the exams are made through candidate fees, there is no cost incurred to the teachers or organising body for grade exams.

The exam is C.A.I.D specific and cannot be transferred to any other organisation, at present.

C.A.I.D - T.C.R.G

More information to follow

Grade exams are only open to members of C.A.I.D